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DACOPSA International Speaking Competition

Welcome to the DACOPSA International Speaking Competition, a dynamic platform designed exclusively for children to unleash their speaking prowess on a global stage. This unique event celebrates the eloquence, creativity, and confidence of young minds as they articulate their thoughts and ideas. Join us as these young speakers captivate audiences and inspire with their compelling voices, making a lasting impact on the world. DACOPSA—a stage where young speakers shine!


This is a transformative 7-day public speaking training program crafted specifically for teens and kids. Dive into a dynamic journey where young minds discover the art of effective communication, build confidence, and hone public speaking skills. Through engaging activities and expert guidance, participants embark on a week-long adventure that empowers them to speak with impact and lead with influence. Unleash the speaker within – join “Speak to Lead” and watch confidence soar!

Management & Leadership Training Programs

At Danikal Consults, we offer a comprehensive suite of Management & Leadership Training Programs designed to empower leaders and teams. From honing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders to mastering Leadership & Strategic Management in a Modern Society, our programs cover a spectrum of skills crucial for effective leadership. Explore topics such as Work Ethics, Time Management, Personal Effectiveness, Corporate Grooming & Dining Etiquettes, and ensure organizational preparedness with our specialized Fire Drills & Fire Fighting Program. Elevate your leadership capabilities with our diverse and impactful training initiatives.