Break the Cycle, Unraveling The Root Causes Of Negative Parenting Patterns for Optimal Child Development And Deeper Family Bonds

About the Book
This book, Parenting Patterns: Retracing Your Steps to Reconnecting the Dots, is a book of many stories to show how patterns are formed and how they influence a child’s life. It is recommended for parents, singles, intending couples, teachers, guardians, coaches, and trainers to use it as resource material to point them in the direction of help.

It will immediately give you insight into your parenting style, reveal your current behaviour, and guide you on how to make conscious amendments so you can cultivate healthier relationships, break negative cycles, and create a nurturing environment for your children to thrive.

The author recommends that it is not too late to seek help and correct the course of your relationship with your child. It shows what you should look out for in your life and areas you should pay attention to get back on track to set your children on the right path to a wholesome life, as well as those children who have already been broken. It acts as a therapeutic manual to explain where the hurt came from and ways to resolve it. This is the book where you will find a lot of answers for your well-being.

About The Author

Ikalone Udo, FCISM, MNIMN, ANIPR, is a child psychologist, a family counsellor, a life coach, and a mental health advocate. She has carved out two niches for herself in Communication and Psychology.

She is various things to various people. In trying to heal from childhood trauma, she went on to build the capacity to help other people heal from their childhood traumas and become effective communicators.

She has authored various captivating and transformational books titled “Raising Confident Children”, “Raising Confident Children Workbook”, “The Street I Once Lived”, “Fifty Shades”, “Public Speaking Coaching Blueprint for Champions”, and “Long Road to Becoming Distinguished”.

Benefits of Reading This Book

Enhanced understanding of why you parent the way you do:

The book delves into various parenting patterns, helping readers gain a deeper understanding of their own parenting style and the patterns they may have developed over time. This knowledge allows them to reflect on their past actions and make conscious changes for the better.

Improved communication:

By exploring different communication patterns within parenting, the book equips readers with effective techniques and strategies to enhance communication with their children. This includes active listening, empathetic understanding, and fostering open dialogue, leading to healthier and more meaningful parent-child relationships.

Self-reflection and Healing:

Through self-reflection exercises and thought-provoking questions, the book encourages readers to examine their own beliefs, values, and behaviors as parents. This introspection facilitates healing, personal growth, allowing individuals to make conscious choices aligned with their desired parenting goals.

Strengthened bonding:

Understanding the importance of bonding and attachment in parenting, the book provides guidance on nurturing secure attachments with children. Readers will learn how to create a loving and supportive environment, strengthening the bond with their children and fostering their emotional well-being.

Positive discipline strategies:

The book presents alternative approaches to discipline that focus on positive reinforcement and guidance rather than punishment. Readers will learn effective techniques to teach children responsibility, self-discipline, and problem-solving skills, promoting a harmonious and respectful family dynamic.

Gives Practical Steps:

Gives Practical Steps To Finding Inner Peace and Reconnecting WIth Those Family Members Hurt or you. Take To Reconnecting With Your : The book equips readers with valuable problem-solving skills applicable to various parenting challenges. By providing practical strategies and case studies, it helps parents navigate common issues such as sibling rivalry, school-related concerns, and emotional difficulties, empowering them to find effective solutions.



These are REAL ISSUES! As a middle-aged man, isolation became a thing for me. It looked like normal living. Staying away and slowly becoming vulnerable to genuine people was my Modus Operandi. These all came from parental impact.

What am I trying to say?

This book by IKALONE UDO is not one to quickly read. It is not a book for fancy but a book for depth, reflection, referencing, and rethinking. It is a manual for anyone who needs to be better in parenting, friendship, marriage, and life; even in business and the workplace. It is deep. It is rich. It is instructive. It is sobering. Please read it carefully. I celebrate you, Ikalone, for this masterly work. Well done

Sam Obafemi


Grace Rachael Uzomah


"Parenting Patterns" is a concise and insightful book that explores different parenting patterns, offering practical guidance and valuable strategies for raising children. It provides a solid foundation for understanding effective parenting and empowers parents to adapt their approach to meet their child's needs.

I highly recommend this book for parents seeking to enhance their parenting skills.

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