Break the Cycle and Discover Various Causes of Negative Parenting Patterns for Better Child Development and Stronger Family Bonds

About the Book
Parenting Patterns: Retracing Your Steps to Reconnecting the Dots is a book of many stories that demonstrates how behavioural patterns arise and how they influence children’s lives. It is recommended for parents, expectant parents, singles, intended couples, instructors, guardians, coaches, and trainers.
This book is a resource to steer everyone who has a child under their care in the right direction of positive parenting. It will provide you with immediate insight into your parenting style, reveal your present parenting traits, coach you on how to make deliberate changes to build healthier connections with your children, make you conscious of unhealthy patterns, and create a road map to reconnecting with your children to ensure a flourishing atmosphere for your children to grow.
The author recommends that it is not too late to retrace your steps on your parenting journey to rebuild a cordial relationship with your children. It demonstrates what to look out for in your life and areas to focus on in order to get back on track.
This book also serves as an academic resource in psychology explaining with real life ancedotes what happens in various homes and the influences of parenting on children who become parents.

About The Author

Ikalone Udo, FCISM, MNIMN, ANIPR, is a child psychologist, a family counsellor, a life coach, and a mental health advocate. She has carved out two niches for herself in Communication and Psychology.

She is various things to various people. In trying to heal from childhood trauma, she went on to build the capacity to help other people heal from their childhood traumas and become effective communicators.

She has authored various captivating and transformational books titled “Raising Confident Children”, “Raising Confident Children Workbook”, “The Street I Once Lived”, “Fifty Shades”, “Public Speaking Coaching Blueprint for Champions”, and “Long Road to Becoming Distinguished”.

Benefits of Reading This Book

You Will Start A Journey of Self-Reflection:

This book serves as a mirror, reflecting your parenting style back to you. Through relatable anecdotes and case studies, you'll witness the impact of different parenting approaches, allowing you to introspect and grow as a parent.

You Will Be Inspired by Tragic Tales:

The author's personal story of loss and regret will resonate deeply with readers. Witness the heartbreaking consequences of parental ignorance and harshness, and be inspired to mend your own relationships before it's too late.

You Will Embrace Uniqueness, Connect with Each Child

Every child is unique, and their personalities demand different parenting approaches. Learn to communicate and connect with each child individually, fostering a strong parent-child bond and nurturing positive relationships.

This Book Has Been Endorsed by Experts:

Renowned Emotional Intelligence coach, Sam Obafemi, recommends this book to everyone. He calls it a Psychological Manual with practical tips and actionable strategies, you can immediately implement to achieve positive changes in your parenting style.

It is Diverse and Comprehensive:

Whether you practice permissive, authoritarian, authoritative or neglectful parenting styles, this book caters to your specific needs. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of how each style impacts your child's emotional well-being.

Bonus Support:

Alongside the book, gain access to one-on-one counseling and coaching through provided contact numbers. Take the first steps towards repairing and enriching your parent-child relationships



These are REAL ISSUES! As a middle-aged man, isolation became a thing for me. It looked like normal living. Staying away and slowly becoming vulnerable to genuine people was my Modus Operandi. These all came from parental impact.

What am I trying to say?

This book by IKALONE UDO is not one to quickly read. It is not a book for fancy but a book for depth, reflection, referencing, and rethinking. It is a manual for anyone who needs to be better in parenting, friendship, marriage, and life; even in business and the workplace. It is deep. It is rich. It is instructive. It is sobering. Please read it carefully. I celebrate you, Ikalone, for this masterly work. Well done

Sam Obafemi


Grace Rachael Uzomah


"Parenting Patterns" is a concise and insightful book that explores different parenting patterns, offering practical guidance and valuable strategies for raising children. It provides a solid foundation for understanding effective parenting and empowers parents to adapt their approach to meet their child's needs.

I highly recommend this book for parents seeking to enhance their parenting skills.

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